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The Inca Way Distribution of Way of Contribution in Times of Change

Mystic Source's intention is not to focus on the suffering of others but embrace the well being of others through times of changes. The future is part of our lives, and in that, it is the need to support transformation and bring awareness of choice and responsibility for our actions. 

Mystic Source utilizes the Inca Way energy distribution.  It is a flow of energy of 50, 25, 25 as a distribution of a whole of 100% of a declaration of love. It is a healing of emotions and the empowerment of positive feelings.  50 is for your personal development, 25 for the benefit of your DNA distribution: ancestors and generations to come. And the last 25 points for the benefit of other creations such people not included in your genetic, animal, plants so on. The 50, 25,25 is a way of declaration of human value.  

With Love


50, 25,25, 


About Us

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to affect positive change, both individually and collectively, through pre-Incan and Inca holistic teachings. As part of our on-going work, we actively support other kindred non-profit organizations that align with our intentions of earth sustainability, biodiversity, human rights, and spiritual evolution.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to teach the principles of our ancient pre-Incan ancestors. These teachings focus on the intrinsic value of each individual, collective love and support to each other, families, communities, and the Earth in times of change. 

Our Story

Seeing the need for emotional, spiritual and energetic preparation in these times of change, we formed our organization to provide support to individuals and communities. It is the flow of energy of distribution of love, caring, and knowledge that is essential to assist in the creation of a new reality in times of changes. 

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